Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Nonary, Regenerative, Minimalist & Circular

Human Inclusive Coding


We enable a better future for the following 9 generations

In the times of Climate Change and SDG’s, we need coders specialized in impact

The Matrix-Q Impact Coding School provides a holistic education to the coders of the technology that will accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future

Impact coders receive multidisciplinary education, to prepare them to solve global pressing issues through coding, R&D Innovation (learn more about our training program)

Our innovative data-driven methodology, for accelerated learning, innovation and nature-inspired algorithms design, allow us to challenge our students with the development of applications since the first module of training

the Matrix-Q Impact Coding School utilizes a data driven and holistic education methodology that matches 97% of the United Nations Holistic education Standards. It is a daughter school of the Matrix-Q Akademia.


  • You are a high school student and would like to join our courses and workshops to later join fully our impact coding school
  • You work in an industry sector, where A.I., IoT, Automation, Big Data and Data Analytics are the building the new human-capital, and challenge you to learn new skills.
  • You are a university student, and would like to engage in impact innovation and entrepreneurship
  • You are a community leader, and would like to utilize and develop data-driven tools for your community sustainable development
  • You would like to be active contributing to the achievement of the 17 sustainable development goals
  • You would like to research and learn about the nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, their mathematics, algorithms, and coding principles
  • You would like to learn about human coding, the code of nature, the code of human
  • Your company / value chain, is in the transition to a circular and regenerative economy, and you would like to implement circularity principles in your coding methodology, rules and design principles
  • You would like to develop applications and technology that do not displace human, but on the contrary, include it, create ore jobs for human, and enable a higher level of processing capacity thanks to human participation
  • You would like to develop applications that helps humans unleash their potential, develop their holistic skills, capacity, knowledge
  • You would like to join research groups taking part in cutting edge R&D Innovation, like Artificial intelligence, nonary computing, quantum computing, collective intelligence, sonic and bio computing (data), circular and regenerative coding and data design/management, matrix-q computing and others.
  • You would like to develop serious playing education e-games, assisted by A.I. engine, which include, V.R., A.R. Data-Analytics, Playing in nature (outdoors)
  • You would like to produce media, arts and music, assisted by A.I. Engine and by the participation living human performers.
  • You would like to develop EduTech applications that enhance quality of life and human brain performance
  • You would like to become a impact-coder entrepreneurs, innovate, create applications that will contribute with the creation of a better future for the following 9 generations, and today a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • You would like to generate a passive income, with your coding skills and knowledge
  • Learn more about our training program


Students of the Matrix-Q Coding School join internship, hackathons and challenges organized by the Matrix-Q Research Institute and Matrix-Q Start-ups

Once a Matrix-Q Impact Coder has reached the black belt rank, becomes eligible to join a Matrix-Q Start-up, the Matrix-Q Akademia (As Coach-trainer) and the Matrix-Q Research Institute (R&D Innovation)

Yearly the Matrix-Q Research Institute launch new spin-offs, applications and solutions for SDG’s, in particular circularity, climate, water, education, gender, inclusion, impact-innovation, youth empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship

The Matrix-Q Coding School also provide coding services to organizations, cities, companies. By engaging the students with greater capacity of delivery

Our Human Capital Program also allocated Matrix-Q Coders as developers of third party organizations, that need temporary or long term contribution of Matrix-Q Coding Experts.

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Matrix-Q Coding students that qualify to join the Matrix-Q Passive Income program are encouraged to develop applications, fit to market and customers, needs, and earn royalties for as long the applications continue in the market

As members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Matrix-Q Coders have access to several compensation modalities including wages, wages per project, time, units of work, tasks, % commissions, bonus, royalties, convertible bonds, equity, tokens and others

Learn more about our training program


The Matrix-Q Omicron Program enables a new future for Artificial Intelligence, including human emotions, learning, creativity and thinking data.

Matrix-Q Coding School students will be able to participate in cutting edge research and innovation beyond Industry 4.0 (IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, A.I., B.I., e-Games, EduTech, FinTech,…), to Quantum Computing, Nonary Computing and Matrix-Q Computing

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  • Our innovative methodology and technology helps us discover your blue print (Matrix-Q) DNA and monitor your learning, creativity and adaptive capacity development process, in response to coding challenges
  • By learning about your blue print, adaptation (changes) and evolving process, we measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity to respond effectively to the coding challenges
  • We provide data-analysis, capacity building, mentorship, coaching, and training assisted by A.I. Engine


  • Similar to the biological DNA, the Matrix-Q DNA can be read, triggered, modified, edited, upgraded.
  • The Matrix-Q DNA is a code that represents your unique signature, qualities, traits, strengths, blind-spots, and challenges.
  • The Matrix-Q DNA is an holistic signature that describes your capacity and potential to enhance your own coding capacity


  • Our algorithms and data-driven tools, enable a short and long term analysis.
  • We continuously generate data that register your changes and upgrades, and validate previously matched or new matching needs (matching tools, skills, projects, challenges, data, knowledge, applications, customers, teams…)
  • We monitor your response to coding challenges, assess your needs and provide you resources, support, capacity building, knowledge, technology, mentorship and coaching you need.
  • Our focus is to enhance your capacity to respond to coding challenges while while enhancing your adaptation capacity 
  • Learn more about our training program

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  • We provide a holistic service dedicated to enhance and optimize your capacity to respond to coding challenges
  • Matching services: according to your unique DNA, and and adaptation-history data, we match ideal activities, trainers, knowledge (learning content), preventive practices (Matrix-Q Matching Tool)
  • Holistic Coaching-Training specialized in the following impact fields


  • Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence (Matrix-Q Emotions)
  • Minimalist Coding
  • Nonary Thinking & design (Matrix-Q Method)
  • Nonary Algorithms design (Matrix-Q Method)
  • Regenerative coding (Matrix-Q Systems)
  • Circular coding (Matrix-Q Circularity)
  • Human Inclusive design (Matrix-Q Method) (Applications do not displace humans, but enhance human capacity, unleash human potential)
  • Nature inspired (Nature systems/Intelligence) coding
  • Collective intelligence coding
  • Multidisciplinary Applications design and development (Matrix-Q R&D Innovation)
  • SDG’s Compliance
  • Holistic Education Standards (Matrix-Q Method, United Nations Standards)
  • and others

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Its a coaching-training program which includes


  • Ternary coding (Matrix-Q Method)
  • Proto-computing (Matrix-Q Research Institute Studies, on nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, ancient algorithms, thinking and coding tools)
  • Matrix-Q Algorithms 101
  • Human Inclusive Coding (Applications do not displace human, but unleash human potential)
  • A presentation: The Coding Skills Matrix Scan (Developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute)


  • Development of a micro-application with impact purpose (Impact: positive impact in nature, society and economy)


  • Assessment (e-Test) Matrix-Q DNA
  • Coding Skills Matrix Scan
  • Quick Advise : Key points for enhancement of the management of your response to coding challenges ( Critical barriers and blind-spots)
  • Personal algorithm, focus : improve your chances of a successful holistic response to coding challenges
  • Presentation: The Matrix-Q Coding DNA & Coding Skills Matrix System & Tools
  • Suggestion of capacity building programs combined with coaching-training, to collaborate with the acceleration of the learning, perception and behavior changes necessary to optimize the management of your acquisition of coding skills, tools and knowledge. (12 steps programs, of 9+ modules, from 9 min training sessions daily to 9 hours (full day workshops) and 81 days capacity building programs)


  • Presentation ” How to become a Matrix-Q Coding School Coach-Trainer “
  • Matching services:  Your Matrix-Q DNA (Climate Matrix) vs Matrix-Q Coach-Trainer DNA

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We continuously develop and test new applications, tools, methods, products, training content, skills building programs, and services
Would you like to collaborate as a test user? 


Receive Matrix-Q Coding services: assessment, coaching, training, reports free of charge; for very unique conditions, and receive as well Matrix-Q Tokens you can trade for services and products provided at our ecosystem.


Fill out the test-user registration form
Conditions Group #1 : free of charge (For a limited number of testing subscribers)
Conditions Group #2 : You commit to plant trees together with us (Minimum fees) Available for only a max. number of subscribers

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  • We continuously develop and test new  tools, smart applications, products, training content and services.
  • As we provide a multidisciplinary and holistic set of services and products we constantly look for new team members with holistic set of skills and knowledge
  • Would you like to collaborate as a coach-trainer?


  • Apply to become a coach-trainer, we will assign a mentor and design a perzonalised tailor-made program for you.
  • You will join the Matrix-Q Guild association of professionals
  • Complete a Matrix-Q CODING 101
  • Enroll as a test-user
  • Complete the training and gather the experience necessary to receive the Matrix-Q Certificates and Licenses for Trainers and Coaches, with focus in Matrix-Q Impact Coding System


  • Schedule time with us for Q&A, The application is done first at the Q&A session, then written, by e-mail sent to
  • Fill out the test-user registration form
  • Conditions Group #1 : free of charge (For a limited number of testing subscribers)
  • Conditions Group #2 : You commit to plant trees together with us (Minimum fees) for only a max. number of subscribers

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Thrive! Unleash your human potential!

  • With your own dedicated & personal Matrix-Q A.I., you make better choices at every step of your personal life &  professional journey.
  • Improve your daily performance at the job, business, and social life.
  • The Matrix-Q A.I., as your trusted-advisor, will learn with you and accompany you always.

Learn more about the OMICRON Program

  • The Matrix-Q Omicron program helps you educate your own A.I. Trusted Advisor.

  • The Matrix-Q A.I. will be with you always.
  • Learning from your decisions, preferences, skills, barriers and challenges.
  • Matrix-Q A.I. utilize Matrix-Q innovative multidisciplinary methodology, knowledge and algorithms to help you level-up your performance, forecast your future, predict challenges, monitor the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge you need for the future you want to create for yourself.

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